Eating out makes life convenient. All you have to do is sit comfortably and choose your food from the menu. In the background though, we don’t know about what does eating unhealthy do to your body. You need to be wary of what are the effects of eating out on your health and lifestyle.

Eating in Larger Portions

Eating out healthy is difficult to do. You end up craving for more when you select from a wide selection of food choices. It’s easy to point food items on the menu. Add to that the freebies offered by restaurants, such as bread, chips, and side dishes, which are not healthy eating out. These can lead to a high-calorie intake.

To know how to eat healthy when eating out, avoid getting too excited in requesting more sides.

Why Eating Out is Unhealthy
Why Eating Out is Unhealthy

At-risk of High Cholesterol and Sodium Intake

High levels of cholesterol and sodium in the body can lead to health conditions like obesity. It is reported in 2014 that the average amount of sodium in the biggest fast-food chains is 1,256 milligrams.

The US dietary guidelines subtly remind you what are the effects of eating out, as only an average of 2,300 mg or less is recommended. Foods in restaurants have a lot of trans and saturated fats as compared to the meals cooked at home.

Increased Risk Factors for Stroke and Heart Diseases

If you thought it is healthy eating out, think again. Restaurants use a high amount of salt, sugar, and oil. These can cause spikes in sugar and cholesterol levels in the body. Foods that use artificial condiments and are too sweet may be tasty, but they won’t do any good to your body.

The University of Wurzburg in Germany published a study that may prove why eating out is unhealthy. The study participants who consumed a higher amount of red meat daily showed a 41% increase in risk for stroke. If you are eating out frequently and feeling the effects, you should see a doctor or see a cardiologist.

Exposure to Phthalates

Dr. Sheela Sathyanarayana, a pediatrics professor at the University of Washington and at Seattle Children's Hospital, reminds you what does eating unhealthy do to your body. She defined phthalates as synthetic chemicals that affect body hormones.

You don’t get exposed to these chemicals when you cook recipes for cold days, but it’s different outside. Food in restaurants is processed using materials and packaging that contain phthalates, which is one of the reasons why eating out is unhealthy.

Eating Out Healthy
Eating Out Healthy

Weight Gain

Maintaining your weight is hard to achieve especially when eating out healthy is a challenge. You tend to eat salty, sweet, and fatty food. Yes, there are benefits of catering or going out to eat instead of cooking at home. This, however, can lead to a higher percentage of body fat. Remember to choose what you eat, as unhealthy foods can make you gain weight.

Eating out is undoubtedly easy and fun to do because you leave the food choices to chefs and kitchen staff. However, do it in moderation since there are many health risks involved. You should learn how to eat healthy when eating out.

Knowing what are the effects of eating out can encourage you to cook at home. Instead of going out, you might want to have fun at home by trying to cook food for a brunch party.

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